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Elegance & Charm
I came here with confusion and thought it would be a long time for me to adjust new environment. Fortunately, perfect training system, professional and enthusiastic colleagues helped me a lot in work and life. Now I enjoy every moment in Yotta. New knowledge and challenges, effective team communication and working exercise me a lot. Come here and join us, handsome and beautiful friends are waiting for you!
Xia Mu
Central South University / Operation Management Trainee
Here, a little different from my imagination, but surprises and attracts me. Here has no complex guesses and doubts and provides more chances to exercise myself. Here, everyone enjoys working as well as constantly strives to realize dream. So lucky that I can join Yotta and let's work together to make our dream a reality. Time will tell you that choosing Yotta will not be wrong.
Er Xiaojie
Goethe University Frankfurt / Game Localization
I join Yotta because of games although there is no connection between my major and games. Gradually, loving games is different from making games. Interest is just a basis and there will be many challenges in work. Working with planners, programmers and art designers everyday which make me feel at campus organization and help me more rigorous, professional and logical. Work and study, play and enjoy, come here.
Zhejiang University / Planning Management Trainee
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